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The learning methodology proposed by Pixel in its Italian Language Customised Courses, adapts itself to the personal characteristics and requirements of the student. The focus, independent of the level, is on the development of both written and oral communication and comprehension skills.
Grammar is developed in a functional way and relates to the linguistic contents which the students intends to develop in order to equip them with the tools for correct expression and understanding at whatever level of linguistic knowledge.
The learning approach adopted is highly practical and makes continual use of simulations and learning games with the aim of making everything learnt immediately applicable and efficient.
The learning material is personalised, in fact it is developed ad hoc to respond to the needs and objectives of every individual student.
Target Group
Pixel’s Italian language courses, are addressed to individuals and to already established groups where the members share the same specific interests (e.g. small groups of tourists who wish to learn Italian for travelling throughout Italy or groups of students interested in a particular subject) in order to guarantee that all courses are tailor-made.
Pixel’s training offer is aimed at:
Managers and professionals who wish to learn a lot in a short period of time and require a tailor-made approach.
Adults and young people who wish to learn Italian for specific purposes: e.g. tourism, art, fashion, study, work etc.
Teachers of Italian language and culture who wish to further and update their knowledge of Italian.

Teaching Staff
The courses, are taught by mother-tongue Italian speakers with a university degree.
All teaching staff have a consolidated experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Each teacher is specialised in different contexts (e.g. business language; tourism; art; fashion; administration and finance etc.).
The teacher follows the student individually and continually with both skill and patience.
Pixel issues the following certificates:
Attendance certificate on which the learning programme carried out and the level of skills reached is detailed.
Language Passport in accordance with the model developed by the Council of Europe in the framework of the “European Language Portfolio”
Language Biography in accordance with the model developed by the Council of Europe in the framework of the “European Language Portfolio”

Additional Services
As an integration to the Italian language course, Pixel offers:
Free access to an Internet Point at Pixel for sending and receiving e-mail
Accommodation finding service
Museum bookings
Organisation of guided tours to Florence tourist monuments/museums.
Assistance for any problems which the student may meet during their stay in Florence.

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